Once upon a time there was a duck. An ordinary duck who just got on with his life, which was mostly made up of swimming, flying, eating, sleeping and, of course, quacking.

However, the other activity in our duck's life was the regular riverside question and answer sessions. These had been going on for as long as any duck could remember. All the ducks would gather around the one and only huge Goose that lived on the same river as them. The Goose had an answer for every single question any duck could ever think to ask. And the Goose was always right. No duck ever bothered to say anything about the answers the Goose gave, they just nodded their heads in agreement and asked the next question. That was until one very special day.

Now if you ever get to meet our duck and ask him, he will say he does not know how or why it happened; it just did. But, at the end of another remarkably quickly answered question by the Goose, our duck just said 'boring'. You could have heard a feather drop. "What do you mean 'boring'", roared the Goose, "being right all the time is not boring". The duck looked at the Goose and then at his fellow ducks. "I think we should have more fun. And anyway, half the time I don't know why we even asked the questions in the first place". The other ducks began to shuffle around on their webbed feet and then all started to agree! "We don't even understand the answers you give us sometimes", shouted one duck, while another added, "I don't even like most of the answers we get".

Now the Goose was getting very cross. He turned to our duck and said, "I will ask you one question. Get it right and we will change the way we do things". The Goose looked down at our duck and asked, "what is the square root of 151"? Instantly the answer came back, "lemonade".

And the rest, as they say, is history.

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